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What can you expect when you register with us…

If you are looking for a change of career the first thing to do is send your CV to us ideally with a covering message advising us of the type of position you are looking for salary expectations suitable work locations etc. You may also have seen a suitable vacancy advertised on our website or on one of the on-line job boards. We will respond quickly to you and if our initial call leads to a potential job opportunity we will invite you to meet one of our consultants who will discuss your application in greater detail. OUR SERVICE IS FREE TO ALL JOBSEEKERS

The Registration Process

We ask you to fill out your personal details on our candidate database. You may be requested to undertake certain tests, depending upon the type of position you are applying for. You will need to provide proof of eligibility to work in the UK (e.g. a Passport). Our consultant will then discuss your employment aspirations, provide relevant advice and assess your suitability for particular positions.

Once registered with us, your details will be on our system, which will enable us to contact you quickly if you are a good match for any new vacancy.

The recruitment process – Permanent Positions

We’ve potentially found the perfect job for you, what happens now? Your details will be kept on file for twelve months. Please submit your CV by e-mail. In addition we would ask that you specify your salary requirements, the geographical area you prefer and any other useful information which may help us in the selection process. Your application will be acknowledged by return.

  • You will be provided with as much information regarding the job and the company as possible to enable you to undertake further research to prepare for interview.
  • Our consultant will provide the client with a full briefing about you with the aim of getting you to interview.
  • We arrange interviews to suit both parties and gather feedback after interview.
  • Throughout this process we will be available at all times to provide advice, guidance and a friendly ear.

The recruitment process – temp assignments

Temp bookings are usually filled in a fairly quick turnaround, it helps us if we are able to contact you easily. We give you all the usual benefits, flexible working, good rates of pay, 28 days holiday per annum, and a full information pack so you know exactly how easy it is to be a temp.

The benefits of registering with us…

  • Friendly knowledgeable consultants who will do their best to assist you with your jobsearch.
  • Access to vacancies that may not be advertised elsewhere.
  • The option to undertake temporary work as either a stop-gap whilst looking for permanent employment or just because you want to remain as flexible as possible.
  • We can promote you to a company if we feel that you are a good match for them even if the client is not actively looking to recruit.

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